"Ultimate spiderman is broken in ways that remind me of why Superhero Squad never hit home. I like the concept and familiar ingredients, but they’re cartoons made by people who have no particular skill in animation and jokes that might work on paper just end up feeling forced and suffocating.

"I want the DCAU back" is pretty high on my list of "sentiments that bore me." So I feel a bit hypocritical for missing Spectacular so much."

-Someone that can put cartoon opinions into words far better than I can.

(Also Drake Bell’s voice annoys the everloving hell out of me.)

"I’ve known Corey Burton for thirty-two years. You’d look at him, and he looks like an accountant. He is the most dearest, sweetest man who does shit that makes you go "How on Earth does that come [out his mouth]?", and a fine actor." - Rob Paulsen

Happy Birthday Corey Burton! (August 3rd, 1955)